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St. Môret

An iconic brand for generations! St Môret is among the most popular natural fresh cheeses in France, winning the hearts of consumers with its full texture, slightly salty taste and unique creamy feeling. This is the simple, natural pleasure of the freshest specialty cheese.

Any time of the day

Thanks to its various cuts, St Môret is a favourite cheese with adults and children alike. The creamy temptation that melts in the mouth witha high fat content that can be spread on bread at any time of the day or added to any delicious dishes.It is also available in individual cuts, which are always fresh, and a low-fat version that can be bought at St Môret Ligne & Plaisir.


St Môret can also reach you in the form of an appetizer with its delicious fresh cheese balls stuffed with tomato, fig, sweet pepper or pesto.


Fresh and creamy

Milk, cream and a pinch of salt - natural ingredients combined with a unique recipe! This is a St. Môret favorite with a thick, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The favourite of the French market

Since the first advertisement in the 1980s with the famous van and market stall, St. Môret has toured almost every market in France making the brand synonymous with fresh taste and fun.
In 2018, the company supported the TV channel TF1 in their "Most beautiful farmer's market" competition. Out of the 25 finalists, the "Votre plus beau Marché" award was presented to Sanary-sur-Mer.

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