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Elle & Vire is the #1 market leader and exporter of milk to France.

The company's history began in 1945 when 17 farmers from the Normandy region of France joined forces to produce cow butter. In 1962, Elle & Vire's activities expanded into the industrialized production of milk powder and cream, and 10 years later, the company became France's No. 1 milk exporter. Numerous innovations followed, such as UHT cream, butter intended for spreading, 41% cooking butter and many more.

Desire for the real

Elle & Vire has become a benchmark for high quality dairy products, popular with households around the world as well as the most sophisticated professional kitchens.

An exclusive region

Condé-sur-Vire is located in the heart of the Normandy region, between the rivers Elle and Vire that give the brand its name. The climate here is temperate, with abundant rainfall and perfect grass, giving the milk its unique flavour.

The gold standard in the category

Since its founding, Elle & Vire has created a wide range of butters, creamers and dessert helpers.

The company's goal is to expand its assortment for the store network by providing customers with products that until recently were only available to industry professionals. This includes the 35% Double Cream, Mascarpone and many more.

The line of classic oils in a box, complemented by traditional roll-on spreads (with a low percentage of fat) as well as the widely applicable mini-cuts now have a new addition: oil with salt crystals. A product appreciated by the most demanding tastes in the industry.

The chef's choice


Elle & Vire professional line

Elle & Vire "Professionnel" is a benchmark for high standard of chefs from all over the world. With products familiar to every industry professional such as hard whipped creams for pastries, extra dry butter or ready-to-incorporate cream cheese, Elle & Vire has innovative solutions for the most sophisticated professionals in the industry.


La "Maison de la Crème"

Elle & Vire Professionnel created the "Maison de la Crème," an institution dedicated to the art of cooking around the world, where professionals exchange experiences and recipes under the expert guidance of the "Michelin" star chef Sebastien Faré and the "Best Pastry Chef" Nicolas Busin.

"Maison de la Crème" provides an opportunity for all beginners and those more advanced in the industry to learn about the recipes and applications of Elle&Vire products, while immersing themselves in an environment of craftsmanship, creativity and true inspiration.

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