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A story that began more than 70 years ago and still carries its message today!

All over the world, ILE DE FRANCE is known for the unique quality of its cheeses offering a unique journey into the world of French culinary tradition and lifestyle.

ILE DE FRANCE is worthy of your special moments!

The new French gourmet cheese ambassador

The most recognizable French cheese brand that popularized worldwide Camembert, Brie, Roquefort and many others.

Gourmet heritage

Over the last eighty years, ILE DE FRANCE has developed a wide range of authentic French cheeses, which it has introduced on almost every continent, adapting quality and taste to perfection.

The brand is an ambassador of excellent taste that has stood the test of time and is appreciated by the most demanding lovers of French cuisine.


In 2010, UNESCO added French gastronomy to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. France has unveiled to the world its centuries-old culinary expertise and reputation, and has united part of its range of 1 000 cheeses under the name ILE DE FRANCE, in honour of the ocean liner that first brought Camembert and Brie to the United States in 1936. With this elegant reference, the brand associates the tradition and authenticity of French cheese with the lifestyle of the 1930s on those legendary cruises.

Wide range of products

With the characteristic creamy texture of its brie, with its traditional complex-tasting camembert or with its fresh, lightly salted and aromatic goat's cheese, ILE DE FRANCE is perfect for any occasion at your table!

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