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Labeyrie is a leading French brand known around the world for its premium smoked salmon, exceptional foie gras paste (foie gras) and the popular Iberian ham "pata negra". As part of the Labeyrie Fine Foods group, a world leader in the food and beverage sector, behind the brand's success lies not only the knowledge of its experts, but also their unwavering mission to seek out the best and most innovative recipes for their customers.

Desire for the real

Since its inception, Labeyrie has given each generation products that are keeping with the food trends of its time - always environmentally friendly, carefully selected and artfully prepared. The brand has worked hard to expand its premium range winning over connoisseurs of exceptional taste around the world.

Labeyrie products evoke emotion, and sharing them brings people closer together!

For special moments

Good food is the key to good memories, and Labeyrie believes that quality products are the secret ingredient for this. Therefore, the brand aims to turn your important moments into unforgettable emotions that last a lifetime.

Inspiration for taste

Labeyrie makes people experience the delicious emotions of a good meal by providing quality food that is selected and prepared with love. Foie gras pate, smoked salmon, duck breast, confit, Iberian ham "pata negra", smoked trout, caviar and seafood hors d'oeuvres are artfully selected for your precious moments!

Standard and obligation

Labeyrie's ethical mission extends beyond the suppliers from which it sources its raw materials, encompassing the quality control of their production and extending to the final product.

The company strives to always be a step ahead of market demands by choosing an organic approach in its work and by pushing products with natural ingredients.

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