About us

EOS - LD Distribution Ltd. is a Bulgarian company that is a part of the EOS - LD group, established in 1994, specialized in the import and distribution of food products of the highest quality.

Founded as a small family company by two partners, today it has grown and proven itself as one of the main suppliers of quality food products on the Bulgarian market with over 1000 active customers in the country.

We are a professional partner with over 25 years of experience in importing and distributing world famous brands!

Why choose us

Ensuring availability

We keep your most demanded items in constant availability, so you're never out of stock.

High quality goods

We only work with goods of the highest quality because we believe in a better way of life.

Wide range of products

We work with over 50 European food suppliers to offer you a wide portfolio of products.

Professional consultation

We do a personalised consultation of your business in order to select the most suitable assortment.

Long shelf life

We import all goods with guaranteed maximum shelf lives to ensure you the freshest products.

Fast and secure delivery

We deliver your goods with certified refrigerated transport, on time, day after day!

Our Mission

To improve the standard of living in our country! - In our daily work, we strive to consistently offer service and quality that earn and establish our customers' trust in the brands we market.

We know our clients inside and out in order to always help them grow, and they trust us because of our values:

  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency

Our experience

Our love of good food had made us travel the world and experience the food culture of Western society. At the end of the last century we decided to specialize in an important cause, namely:

  • The discovery of high quality food
  • Their import to Bulgaria under a strict temperature regime
  • Storing them in appropriate conditions in order to preserve all their taste and nutritional qualities
  • Marketing them in the local market and sharing our travel discoveries with as many people as possible

Our 25 years of experience has proven to us that quality food will always be well appreciated, because a person is what they eat!

Browse our selection of premium products:

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