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Quality and standard

Ponti is one of the most recognizable Italian brands in the world and a world leader in vinegar production since 1867.

Authenticity and tradition

The products under the name Ponti, distinguished by their unique quality and traditional methods of preparation, have come after a history of more than 150 years that began in Sizzano (Novara), Italy.

Balsamic vinegars from Modena (with the quality standard of Protected Geographical Region), glazes with a delicate fruity hue, wine dressings that have become a staple of households from almost every corner of the planet make up the modern Ponti range of offerings.

Mission and Purpose

"To make traditional Italian products, characterized by innovative taste and excellent quality, available everywhere in the world!"
- this is the mission of the world leader in vinegar production.

Values and standard

Since its inception, Ponti has relied on unique taste, achieving an enviable collaboration of natural ingredients and a high-tech production process. Tradition and authenticity are embedded in the company's DNA and live on in its corporate culture to this day.


Ponti Group has four ultra-modern production facilities in Italy, where technology and automation control quality down to the last detail.

An anthropomorphic robot for assembling and disassembling pallets, X Rays (X-ray) for checking the contents of each jar as well as unmanned shuttles for pallets of finished products are just some of the ultra-modern techniques implemented by the company for production control.

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