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Rizolli - Passion for the sea

The oldest Italian company for fish products (canned) founded as a family business in Parma in 1906. Led by Antonio Rizzoli, Rizzoli's products to this day carry the characteristic passion for the sea, passed down from generation to generation in the tradition of having a fresh catch that is hand processed within just a few hours of being caught.

Reputation and quality

Since its founding in 1906, the company's motto has been "Ante Lucrum Nomen" translated: reputation before profit, product quality before all else.

French tradition of taste

Rizolli always gives its products the attention they deserve: careful manual processing by hand, as family tradition dictates.

In its production, Rizolli works with only excellent ingredients and only the best batches of fish following a strict and uncompromising protocol for quality standard.

Quality above all

The company prides itself on its attention to quality and detail in the production process - from sourcing the raw materials and hand processing to product creation and packaging in order to offer the best to its consumers.

As the oldest company in the canned fish sector, for five generations Rizolli has been passing on experience from father to son on their journey of innovation.

"We believe our strength is our ability to translate more than a hundred years of experience and history into innovative products unique in their quality."

Massimo Rizzoli, CEO

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