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Negroni - The benchmark for quality

Negroni is Italy's best known and loved brand for dried meat products. Part of Gruppo Veronesi for twenty years, the company is a benchmark in the food market and gives consumers a reliable guarantee of the quality of its products.

More than a century of experience

With its 100 years of experience in the market for high quality deli meats, Negroni holds a leading position and deservedly earns the nickname of the most famous Italian sausage brand.

The success of Negroni

The brand owes its success to its wide and varied product range, high quality standards and adherence to its tradition of work and production.

Negroni processes and packages its products in specialized, state-of-the-art facilities, allowing the company to achieve the highest levels of food safety and quality.

The brand always pays special attention to new trends and consumer desires, offering only selected specialties that offer unique and tasty moments.

Principles and mission

In order to guarantee the highest standards of quality, taste refinement and safety, Negroni's philosophy is based on complete control of the entire production process, from animal feeding to the distribution of the final product.

Thanks to these principles the brand is universally recognized today as a benchmark for the quality of Italian meat products and its excellence is attested by certification consortia.

Standard and quality

Negroni is committed to maintaining and fully complying with European regulations to achieve the highest international certification standards. To keep its commitment, the company combines the use of high quality ingredients with the latest technological production processes.

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