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Germany's favourite sausage

Meica is Germany's No. 1 producer of sausages made from only the finest meats and spices and overseen by the industry's most demanding control systems. For the company, the most reliable testimonial to quality are its customers, who for more than a century have declared their loyalty to the brand and their love of good taste - without enhancers, colourings or artificial additives!

A tradition of taste for over a century!

A tradition dating back more than a century has brought undeniable results and worldwide popularity to the brand. Meica uses the freshest meat for its products, which has passed the strictest inspection procedures.

Quality without compromise!

Quality promise

To make its sausages taste so good, Meica has two things at its disposal: quality raw materials and the know-how to turn them into premium products. Meica only works with selected suppliers, some of whom have been established since the company was founded.

Proof of standard

The company is exclusively responsible for its production, exceeding many times the requirements set by the regulatory authorities:

- auditing to IFS standards;

- certification for export to the USA;

- certification according to EU Eco-Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008

- full compliance with HACCP principles.

Care for the environment

Environmental protection is of paramount importance to the company. Meica motivates its employees with a daily commitment to future generations and a motivation for a better future for our planet. All with our children in mind!

Climate, environment and energy

Using state-of-the-art technology in its production, the company meets and even exceeds the legal requirements set for the industry. Including:

- takes investment decisions only after considering all aspects of energy efficiency;

- instructs staff to use resources as sparingly as possible, observing this principle at all times and in all situations;

- uses modern technological processes for environmental protection such as heat recovery and special water saving methods;

- optimises the recycling of recoverable materials and avoids unnecessary waste by saving resources;

- uses the gases produced by traditional smoking over beech wood, extracting them by thermal combustion and subsequently using the energy thus produced for heat.

111 years of history

Meica celebrated its 111th anniversary in 2019! Company founder Fritz Meinen founded the business in 1908 and in his wildest dreams never imagined that his sausages would one day be among the most popular in Germany. Since then, however, his traditional production method combined with the highest quality ingredients have given life to the Meica magic for generations.

After 111 years, the company still upholds the values of its founder by not using flavour enhancers, colourings or phosphates in its products.

The Jubilee Wieners are Meica's curtsy to its long-standing customers with gratitude for a century of trust and loyalty!

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