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Imperial - the benchmark for meat products

Imperial Meat Products is a food company known for its high quality sausages, hams, chicken products and vegetarian products. Imperial strives for the highest quality and safety by applying strict regulations regarding production and food hygiene. The company employs 800 people in 5 different locations.

Expertise in trade

Boasting more than 60 years of craftsmanship in the field and backed by its rich history and expertise, the company strives every day to make quality products and innovate.

Mission and Values

Imperial pay more attention to everything it does so the user can enjoy the final product. The company pays attention not only to the products and the consumer, but also to the surrounding world.

Thus arose the company's "0-50-100" strategy: 0 percent waste, 50 percent better meat and non-meat products, and 100 percent transparency. Thus Imperial contributes to environmental and green operations.

50% meat

The company knows that consumers are increasingly choosing to eat less but better meat and sometimes even no meat. The earth, the environment, people and animals are precious and Imperial is taking the initiative to reduce our impact on the planet.

That's why the company is working on new types of delicious food of the highest quality, responsibly produced without unnecessary additives: quality meat substitutes, vegetarian spreads and even hybrid products: meat products containing 30 percent vegetables.

Ecology and transparency

The company takes the initiative to not waste unnecessary energy, materials and water to reduce its impact on the planet and believes that by working with transparency, it can be the best partner for its customers, consumers and colleagues.

Transparency and collaboration are necessary to realise Imperial's ambition for this and the company is open with the origin of its products and supplements, communicating this information in an open and honest way within the organisation and beyond.

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