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Quality, taste and attitude

Brocéliande is a group of 300 breeders from the North West of France committed to an agricultural approach, passion and real know-how that focuses on taste, quality, animal welfare and respect for people.

Mission for success

Brocéliande's mission is to create a better world in which the company can offer the market some high quality and tasty products that come from farming that shows respect for the animal, while ensuring a dignified life for the farmers and employees.

From farm to fork

Brocéliande produces 100% French pork fed the highest quality whole grains, produced without antibiotics and the company exercises complete quality control over its distribution chain, from the farm to your fork.

Organic production

Brocéliande's farmers are committed to using a 100% sustainable approach to the planet, animals and people, and the company raises its animals according to French organic specifications, going beyond the exceptions of organic farming, and the farms operate in accordance with 130 animal welfare requirements.

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