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AIA - Quality and Innovation

Thanks to its high-quality innovative products and its vision for the future, AIA has become the number one Italian food manufacturer in Europe. As one of the most important brands in the Italian agro-industry, the company relies on the innovation and quality of its products.

Leader in the Italian meat industry

Founded more than 50 years ago, a clear vision for the future and an innovative approach have helped AIA become a leader in the meat food market. The brand's ability to deliver quality solutions to market demands has made it a major force in the sectors in which it operates.

Mission and Values

AIA is not only a manufacturing company, but a brand with guaranteed quality, whose mission is to set consistently high quality standards for its products, as well as to expand its product range and offer new tastes to consumers with its innovative approach.

Leadership and success

Over the past 30 years, AIA has served its Italian customers with new products whose taste and flavour have been met with great success. From Wudy (1985), and BonRoll (1994) to Dakota (2013), AIA makes these names part of its customers' daily eating habits and establishes its leadership thanks to its desire for innovation, embedded in the company's DNA.

Over 50 years of experience

Having entered the homes and tables of Italians more than 50 years ago to bring quality to their meat products, AIA continues its journey with its tradition of innovation and quality products.

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