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Fruity taste in every slice!

A round cheese with a "taste of the sun". The characteristic wheat ears on the rind, the delicate texture and the fruity aroma make Fol Epi a different and extremely tasty pressed cheese.

The French know how

Fol Épi is made in the famous Perreault dairy located in Mayenne, France and its recipe dates back to 1919. It is round in shape and aged in specialized cellars where it develops its delicate texture and fruity aromas.
Fol Épi is produced exclusively with milk from local farmers.

Did you know?

The fruity flavour of Fol Épi can be mixed for your aperitif with sesame, combining crispness and tenderness in one. It can also be combined with orange marmalade perfectly uniting sweet and sour!

For all needs

With its wide range covering a wide range of needs, Fol Épi reaches you slashed or on a block with cuts ready for a picnic, snack, sandwich or just an aperitif.

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