Pancakes with Turkey BrazeolaPreparation time - 10min.



Place the whole wheat flour, milk, egg and salt in a bowl. Beat well. Heat a non-stick frying pan and grease it with a very little butter. Once hot, add a ladleful of the batter and tilt the pan in all directions until the batter covers the entire surface. Cook the pancake on each side for one minute.
Arrange the pancakes on a plate, separating them with a sheet of absorbent kitchen paper. Now, in another bowl, mash the cream cheese with a fork until it becomes smooth and creamy. Wash the arugula leaves thoroughly. Then fill the pancakes with cheese, tomatoes, nuts and Brezzaola. Roll the pancakes into cylindrical shapes and using a sharp knife, cut them into rounds and arrange them on a serving plate. Garnish with a little butter and a few arugula leaves.

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