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For more than 40 years, Europeans have enjoyed delicate and delicious Italian tuna

Rio Mare is distinguished by its pink colour, superb taste and double manual cleaning technology according to unparalleled quality control and inspection measures.

A pinch of sea salt and Mediterranean olive oil complement the taste of the most recognizable fish in the world.

The true taste of Italy

Known in over 30 countries, Rio Mare's range of products includes tuna in olive oil, tuna in its own sauce, tuna fillet, tuna salad, tuna pasta, tuna pate. In addition, Rio Mare offers salmon fillets, mackerel and sardines.

Eat fish and live better

Tuna provides most of the nutrients found in fresh fish, and is also a source of protein, mineral salts, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Rio mare children

Rio Mare for strong children

Fish is a staple food for everyone, especially children and this is why...

It is rich in nutritional components that are essential for growth as well as being an excellent means of stimulating the developing immune system.
Fish proteins have a high biological value, providing an abundance of vitamins and minerals, including phosphorus, calcium, iron and iodine.
It is important for children to start eating fish from an early age, and Rio Mare is very suitable for that introduction into children's diet, as it contains no bones, has no smell and is above all VERY tasty!

The fishing oceans of the Rio Mare

Tuna live in equatorial waters between the two tropics, and about 77% of their catch comes from the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans. The trawls used for fishing are up to 100 meters long, equipped with refrigerators to freeze the freshly caught fish, ensuring maximum safety and hygiene.


Find out where your tuna comes from

Rio Mare arrives on the tables of millions of consumers around the world with its origin and "biography" passing through the shelves of retailers.
So-called "Traceability" is written on every can to inform consumers, from the moment it is caught to its processing, canning and sterilization, that we never "lose sight" of the quality of the product.

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