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Colavita - World Class Olive Oil!

A family brand with a global presence, whose tradition and quality for generations have built the image of one of the most traditional Italian products - olive oil.

The family of Colavita

For four generations, the Colavita family has been producing olive oil in their native Molise, following the traditions of their ancestors and that passion for good taste that has made the brand popular all over the world.

Since time immemorial, olive cultivation has been the natural livelihood of people, dictating the life and destiny of entire civilizations. The health benefits of olive oil were known to the ancients long before the mass adoption of the product and its becoming an essential ingredient on the table of millions of households. Over the yearsthe olive has become a symbol of Italian agriculture and is practically cultivated everywhere because of the favourable climate conditions of the Apennines, Molise is gaining popularity as the region producing the most prized varieties.


The land, the climate, the vegetation and above all the care of the farmers are the ingredients that make Colavita a true gourmet delight.

A product made from love of family, steeped in the culture and traditions of the region and tailored to the smallest detail: from the olive tree to the bottle.

Quality and tradition

The passion for exceptional taste and quality applies to the entire range of Colavita products. For example, in addition to olive oil, for which the fruit is picked at the peak of its ripeness and pressed at the time to preserve its organoleptic qualities,Colavita's pasta is produced exclusively from 100% durum wheat in combination with certified mountain spring water "Acqua del Molise." Quality control accompanies all stages of the production process at Colavita ensuring the best for your taste and table.

Italian Lifestyle

Italians believe that food is our soul and body, andhome-cooked meals are the way to make beautiful moments with family and friends last a lifetime. 

Here's why, Colavita brings family tradition into your kitchen with a range of products and recipes inspired by the Mediterranean diet - light, varied and healthy! The kind you and your family deserve!


About the company

Passion for exceptional taste, entrepreneurship and continued investment have elevated Colavita from a small family-run olive mill 70 years ago to an industry benchmark today and a brand recognised worldwide.

Commitment to the community

Colavita has made significant investments in its environmentally friendly production. Firstly introducing a zero-waste recycling program, and then installing 3,000 solar panels to power its facilities.

Mission and Values

Colavita's mission is to share its passion for unique taste by offering the world a high quality 100% Italian product

"Italian olives, pressed and bottled in Italy; and loved all over the world!"

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