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Mediterranean gourmet taste

More than 50 years of experience and a philosophy focused on quality, innovation and healthy food have established Agrucapers as a leading company in the production and distribution of capers, pickles and other vegetable specialties worldwide.

Authentic taste

Thanks to its processing and quality, Agrucapers preserves the unmistakable taste of Mediterranean food in each of the delicacies it offers.

Tradition and character

If anything makes Agrucapers unique, it's their Mediterranean characterthat comes from a family tradition that continues to drive the company with passion and ensures that the essence of their long history, eco-friendliness, and absolutely delicious taste is maintained.

Improvement and quality

As world leaders in the production and marketing of capers and pickles, the company insists on the quality of each of its products and each of its processes at work, which allows Agrucapers to continue to improve every day as a company, for the pleasure of consumers around the world.

Certified quality

Agrucapers' ambition to improve every day has led to the most prestigious international certifications for quality, food safety and the environment.

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